MAIRICO Premium Meat Tenderizer
MAIRICO Premium Meat Tenderizer
MAIRICO Premium Meat Tenderizer
MAIRICO Premium Meat Tenderizer
MAIRICO Premium Meat Tenderizer
MAIRICO Premium Meat Tenderizer
MAIRICO Premium Meat Tenderizer
MAIRICO Premium Meat Tenderizer
MAIRICO Premium Meat Tenderizer
MAIRICO Premium Meat Tenderizer


MAIRICO Premium Meat Tenderizer

  • ✔ Tenderize Any Meat with Ease

  • ✔ True Automatic Release

  • ✔ Dishwasher Safe; Easy Clean Up

  • ✔ High Reliability

  • ✔ 100% Money Back Unconditional Guarantee
It’s proven. Experiments after experiments, it’s no longer disputable. Salt tenderizes meat and so do salty marinades. Salty marinades don't only help meat to retain moisture but inject additional moisture into it. Hence, tough cuts become juicy and tender.

A hammer, on the other hand, destroys the meat’s shape and texture. And it doesn’t work on thick cuts.

So, over the years, cooks have come up with various solutions to get salt or salty marinade to penetrate the meat; most notable methods are stabbing the meat with a fork or using a bladed tenderizer design similar to ours here.

Bladed meat tenderizers generally perform way better than using a fork (as a byproduct, it also breaks down some tough fibers when penetrating the meat).

But not all tenderizers are created equal. Read on to see why.

MAIRICO studied the most popular bladed tenderizers on the market for strengths and weaknesses in its test kitchen. Many didn't auto release. Some blades were bent on the tough cuts, some rust in the dishwasher, some claim to be sharp but are dull, some have too many blades and are difficult to use. Some started out sharp but quickly became dull after a few uses. Some hold a bunch of water in their handle after a wash and some are just slippery to hold.

We can do better. 


MAIRICO Kitchen thought we could do better. We made prototypes after prototypes, improvements after improvements on the discovered weaknesses, until a final version that outperformed them all (7 iterations of prototypes in all). Some of the major improvements are mentioned in the following paragraphs. There are also several minor improvements you’ll feel it when you use it.

It’s important. And it’s a much-desired feature once you start using the product. You would want it to work perfectly: Once you press down the tenderizer blades into the meat, it should automatically release. More than half the models we tested couldn’t achieve this. They’re stuck in the meat, especially when used on thick cuts. The issue lies in the weakness of the spring. It feels dangerous to have to pull the stuck blades out after each press.
We don’t object to working hard. But at MAIRICO, we believe in working smarter and embrace laziness when possible.

We see no point to work hard cleaning kitchen tools, wasting time and water (money). And we worked hard to engineer this so you can be lazy.

Unlike others, your unit won’t include a brush to “floss” its teeth because you don’t need it. The blades are spaced out perfectly such that foods won’t get stuck in them.

And it is dishwasher safe. You can just pop our tenderizer into the dishwasher when done. This saves you time, money and frustration. Don’t worry, it won’t rust. This required a lot of tinkering and experimenting to make sure the blades can stay sharp and do not rust. We estimated having performed over 1,000 washes in 6 months with various stainless steel formulations and with popular dishwashers (dishwashers produce various drying heat levels; heat is known to affect rusting in stainless steel). We settled at 14% added chromium to our stainless steel formulation as the right balance for performance and durability.
The MAIRICO meat tenderizer is so reliable that in our market test with 3 leading competing brands with 19 home cooks and 3 professional chefs in a year period, our unit is the only unit that does not show weakness in the spring, no dullness in the blades nor broken handles. We are not the cheapest but we felt that performance and reliability in the long run are more important than skimping to save a few dollars.

In rare cases where your product becomes defective or needs service, MAIRICO will replace your unit with a brand new one during our two-year warranty. You don’t need to pay for shipping to return the product. You don’t need to pay any shipping to receive the replacement. You just need to reach out to us (easily).
With various manufacturers having designs from 24 to 60 blades, which should you choose? Fortunately, we have the answer. We enlisted 19 home cooks and 3 professional chefs to try out different blade designs in two month period, in their real kitchen in real cooking scenarios. And the answer is unanimous: 48 blades is the right amount.

24 is too small for large cuts and requires too much repetition. 60 is too large for small and medium cuts. 48 blades is the right number of blades for all cuts.
We’re not those major brands (read: costs paid for major endorsements, not product) who are impossible to connect with. Nor the never-heard-of foreign brands that you can’t even find their website. We’re a small and fast-growing American company with people who’re passionate about food and cooking. And we’re obsessive about customer service. Reach out to us anytime anyway you like to get support on your product or tips on food science (or just to say hi).


Solid Tenderizer

Amazing tenderizer. It really works. And it's fast to clean up.

Paul B.


So tender

I love so much about this product. It has a safety lock on the base, which is great. It is easy to use and it made the steak I cooked for my hubby Super tender. He loved it. but best of all, right after i used it, I rinsed it off, and put it in the dishwasher. It came out perfectly clean. planning on using this on chicken next.


Los Angeles

I am amazed at how well Mairico tool works. It simultaneously punctures meat with 48 "knives" breaking down the natural strands that can make meat tough when you eat it. It also allows marinades to fully penetrate the meat.

Cie M.


Works great!!!

Bought this tenderizer several months back and have been using it for tenderizing boneless chicken breast strips, boneless pork chops and boneless steaks. I love it! I sprinkle my spices on the meat and use the tenderizer on both sides. The tenderness and flavor is great. Bought one for my sister too!


New York

Customer Reviews

Based on 360 reviews
Vicki T.
Modern housewife saves caveman

I got this gift for my husband, who has recently starting reverting back to his cave man urges of hunting and grilling! Unfortunately, it's an expensive hobby, if you want to buy the world's best meat when the hunter has a rough day. Sadly, that's not really something we can afford to do most of the time. Thankfully, I found this little gem online and gave it to him as as a birthday gift. We've only used it once so far, but we're happy with the purchase! It took some supermarket meat (far from the filet section) and turned it into tender, tasty, meat that was easy to chew and enjoy. We'll definitely use it again and recommend it to friends - hard to beat the price!

Simon P.
An honest review of MAIRICO's Meat Tenderizer

So far I am very happy with MAIRICO's Meat Tenderizer. I was tenderizing my Tri-Tips with a dining fork before marinating. I would poke wholes on both sides of the meat. This was time consuming and left my hand aching. I used this Meat Tenderizer on a Tri-Tip and the whole poking was done very quickly and the marinade penetrate the meat more thoroughly. After barbecuing, the Tri-Tip was very tender and flavorful. I am very happy with the results.I am very fond of corned beef, but it is difficult to find and expensive to purchase. However, I found some USDA Prime brisket at $4.00 per pound locally. I used this Meat Tenderizer again before putting it in a pickling spice brine mixture for a week. After cooking for 4 hours, the home made corned beef had picked up the pickling spice nicely. It had a nice stringiness and was very tender. I am looking forward to years of use with the MAIRICO Meat-with this Tenderizer.

Samantha A.
Meat tenderizing has never been the same

Cuts through your meat prior to cooking or marinating. Once you use this product, your meat will never be the same! You can have the greatest steaks in town with out the cost of going out. A huge cost saver but I love the product! Will be browsing more of MAIRICO's other kitchen tools for my cooking enjoyment!

Lyle H.
Juicy Juicy!

Hmm, hmm good. The meat becomes so tender and juicy after using this product. The blades are sharp and the size is perfect.

Salvador C.
It worked great on sirloin steak and anything else we have tried

We wanted this tenderizer to make the most out of our budget. We can feel confident buying something other than prime and to know that we can make it as tender as ever. It worked great on sirloin steak and anything else we have tried it on. I can't wait to try it out on flank steak.

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