FREE MAIRICO Premium Honing Rod (at-cost shipping is NOT included)

Dear valued customer,

Congratulations on your purchase of a MAIRICO knife! I want to help you keep your knife sharp so that you can have a great time cooking. 

As an owner of our knife, you're entitled to receive our premium honing rod at no cost! (we'll send you a 100% off coupon to use at our online store; shipping is NOT included).

Please fill out the request form is at bottom of the page. Amazon Prime customers: Please read shipping costs below before requesting.

Conditions: Purchased a MAIRICO knife in the last 30 days. Limit ONE per shipping address.


Andy Goodman

Co-founder, MAIRICO

Outrageous Shipping?

First I would like to express my gratitude to many customers who reached out and let us know how much you appreciate the free rod offer. And that it did keep your knives sharp. Thank you so much! It means a lot to us and it keeps us going and finding more ways to serve you better. 
But there were also a handful of emails complaining about the shipping cost (mostly from Amazon Prime customers who're accustomed to free shipping, it seems). Even with just a few complaints, I think this topic deserves an explanation, so please let me explain:

Unlike Amazon which charges an annual Prime membership, has lots of warehouses all over the country and even runs its own delivery logistics to keep shipping costs low, we only have one warehouse in Houston Texas. For this particular package, it is pretty bulky and is over 1 pound. We ship it via USPS Priority Mail 2 Day or UPS (there's no cheaper option for this weight class). Typical shipping fee we see for this ranges from $9 to $12 (auto calculated by the shopping platform), depending on the destination (near, far, rural, city, etc)... and we don't make any profit from it but costs us a small fortune for the premium product giveaway (which to sustain, we'll have to place the offer in much smaller percentage of our knife packages going forward).

What we want is for you to own a good honing rod to keep your knives sharp (because many customers don't own one). And maybe, just maybe, you’ll come back for more purchases with us because you know we take care of you. That's it.

We hope you’re able to take advantage of this offer.

Thank you for your understanding.