Dear friend,

My name is Andy Goodman, co-founder of MAIRICO. I founded our company with my friend Sean in 2015 after getting tired of paying too much for mediocre products and for little or no support from the brands. It's been a satisfying and amazing journey to be able to make so many people like you happy! 

If you ever wanted to purchase high quality kitchenware at affordable prices from a brand that guarantees your purchase meets your needs and provides you support promptly when you need it, then we’re gonna be very happy with us. 

Below are my goals and our company's core values. I look forward to making your life a bit better! 


Andy Goodman

Co-Founder, MAIRICO


After designing and prototyping a product that meets our expectation, we work hard to find contract manufacturers who can mass produce the products at our expected quality and price. We aim to continue keeping our operating profit margin to less than 5% so that you can have great products at best prices.


We spend an incredible amount of effort to make our products as reliable as possible. Unfortunately, perfection with physical products is not possible. If your product needs service, we promise it will be a quick repair or replacement. Our honest warranty means no delays, no runarounds, no excuses. You can get a hold of us easily. We’ll take care of you. The whole process will take just a few days and not weeks. And you will be updated throughout the whole process.


If you ever need to get in touch with us, simply write to us or connect with us via multiple communication channels on our support page. No, your emails won't fall into a black hole. All emails are transformed to tickets into our state-of-the-art support system. You will immediately receive a confirmation reply with a case ID and our support agent will get back to you within 1 business day.

Note: Virtually all customers’ emails get to us safely. If you don’t see a confirmation reply from us within 10 minutes, your email may have been inadvertently squashed by our spam filter. In that case, please visit the help page for chat options or call us.


Whether it’s your 1st year or 20th year in the kitchen, you will find useful tips and tricks in our Kitchen Secrets email series (which we are thinking of also posting on a blog) that help to maximize your tools and elevate your cooking.

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