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Dear valued customer,

Congratulations on your purchase of a MAIRICO knife! 

I want to help you keep your knife sharp so that you can have a great time cooking. 

As an owner of our knife, you're entitled to receive one Premium Honing Rod at no cost! There's absolutely no catch to this offer

If you already own a good honing rod that works, please kindly consider NOT taking this offer so that they are available to others who do not yet own one. We are facing supply disruption issues just like everyone else and are struggling to keep our inventory available.

Regularly honing your knife will keep it sharp for years to come

Please read these offer details before proceeding to product details:

  • FREE Product - Full discount of $24.99 should be applied automatically when you click the private link below. If you don't see the discount, don't pay and reach out to us for help. Your browser must have removed the discount code embedded in the link.

  • $9.99 shipping is NOT included. The unit is LARGE, heavy and is shipped via USPS Priority Mail or UPS with tracking. We unfortunately cannot afford to provide free shipping (believe me, I would make it free too if we could afford it. I hope you can afford shipping or already having a rod at home because it is essential to hone regularly if you are to keep your knife sharp for years.) 

  • Conditions: Purchased a MAIRICO knife in the last 6 months. And you're a good, ethical, decent person. Limit ONE per shipping address. Duplicate shipping addresses without prior approval will be cancelled.


Andy Goodman

Co-founder, MAIRICO

P.S. There's absolutely no catch to this offer. I just want you to keep your knife sharp. By having a chance to do something nice for you, I also hope to make you a happy customer and earn future business with you. That's it. No more, no less.

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MAIRICO Premium Honing Rod
MAIRICO Premium Honing Rod
MAIRICO Premium Honing Rod
MAIRICO Premium Honing Rod
MAIRICO Premium Honing Rod
MAIRICO Premium Honing Rod
MAIRICO Premium Honing Rod
MAIRICO Premium Honing Rod
MAIRICO Premium Honing Rod
MAIRICO Premium Honing Rod
MAIRICO Premium Honing Rod
MAIRICO Premium Honing Rod

    Stand up to heavy, daily use and still can deliver peak performance to keep your knife sharp for years.


    Just the right amount makes it easy to hone without slipping but not too rough that it would wear out your knife.


    Whether your hand is wet or dry, you can easily have a firm grip on the handle to keep it steady for honing.


    Too short and you can't hone your knife in one swipe. Too long and it's difficult to store. This is perfect for knife with blade that is 12" or shorter. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 161 reviews
Great Honing Rod

I just received and used my honing is excellent...well-made...sharpens wonderfully...excellent tool!

Made my husband happy!

My husband was in need of a sharp knife to slice the brisket. He was excited to open the beautiful box it came in and eager to start using it. He is not disappointed was happy that it came in just in time.

Jesse Fox
Fantastic Knife!

Received my knife today, super sharp and cutting meat is easy. I wished I had found this knife before.

Love my knife

Great knife! Weight is awesome! Sharp! Looks great! Cuts great!

Max Gordon
Perfect honing rod

Very easy to use and works like a charm. I must admit I didn't expect to feel the big difference between this and the older one I had been using.



Manufactured with premium carbon steel for maximum durability and performance. It can stand up to daily heavy usage without getting worn out. It will maintain peak performance year after year to keep your knives sharp.


Having the right amount of roughness on the rod is a very important part of designing a honing rod. When the surface of a honing rod is too rough, it will wear out your knives very quickly. When the surface of a honing rod is too smooth, it generally works but is too slippery and hard to use. We tested 9 prototypes with various roughness with cooks from all skill levels. We settled on one that could deliver excellent performance and was preferred by all our testers for its ease of use.


It is crucial that you can hold the rod firmly while honing your knife. With our handle design, you will immediately feel that you have full and firm control of the rod.


When a honing rod is too short, such as those on the market at 8”, it doesn’t work well for long knives because you run out of honing space. When a honing rod is too long, such as those sold at 12”, it’s cumbersome to store anywhere. We considered these important factors and created our honing rod at 10” as the best answer for performance and convenience.


We're confident you'll find our honing rod amazing, easy to use and able to keep your knives sharp. But if you're not happy for whatever reason, you have 30 days to return it. Just contact support, we'll send you pre-paid label to return and you'll get $9.99 shipping refunded within 1 business day of us receiving your return.

You don't risk a penny. As an owner of our knife, we just want you to have the tool to keep your knife sharp.

  • FREE (value $24.99)

  • Shipping & handling: $9.99.