How to Hone Your Knife

It's simple. It's almost effortless, but it's the secret to keep your knife super sharp.

With a sharp knife, your experience in the kitchen will be transformed. Instead of being a chore that you hate because your knife can't cut through foods easily and effortlessly, cutting and chopping would be a fun activity.

So please heed our advice, develop a habit to hone your knife before each use. Please do it each time you use for at least one month. If after doing this and you aren't happy with the result, you can go back to whatever you were doing before (we are sure you wouldn't.)

Your new MAIRICO knife comes super sharp out of the box. All you need is to develop the habit of honing it before each use and it'll stay sharp for years before you may have to sharpen it.

There are several ways to hone your knife. We're demonstrating a safe and easy way appropriate for any skills level here.

1. Position the rod

Hold the rod firmly straight down on on a non-slippery cutting board. Or use a folded kitchen towel as the base to keep the rod firmly in place.

2. Position the knife

Hold the knife at about 15 degree angle to the rod, starting from the blade end closest to the handle and near the top of the honing rod.

3. Hone

Pull the knife toward you as you slide down the honing rod. Repeat similarly on the opposite side. Keep alternating side to side for about just 7x on each side. That's it! 
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