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Kitchen scissors and shears prove to be very versatile. You can use them to butcher and trim beef, pork, poultry and fish. Also, to cut different kinds of food including fruits and vegetables. They are safer and more convenient alternatives to a sharp knife you might use for the same task. And remember, they are not the same as those you use for cloth, crafts or paper, they are intended for food-related tasks only. Built to last, they are thicker, sturdier, more durable and made from stainless steel with corrosion resistance properties. And of course, they cost more, so choose good quality ones and use and care for them properly.

  • After every use, wash with soap and hot water. Make sure to reach the area between the blade and the handle. This is where bacteria can grow that might result to food contamination. For the take-apart shears, not a problem at all since you can access easily  every part for thorough cleaning.
  • Dry scissors by hand with a clean towel immediately after washing especially the hard-to-reach areas. Even if they are made of premium stainless steel, oxidation takes place when there is moisture present and rust may develop over time.
  • Apply a small amount of food grade mineral oil after drying, giving more importance on the screw and hinge areas. This ensures the blade to move smoothly and prevents oxidation when exposed to humid air.
  • Wipe excess oil with clean towel to keep from dripping.
  • To sharpen scissors and shears is an art form and requires skills. You can bring your scissors and shears to a professional who can do the job well.
  • To revive you scissors and shears in between professional sharpening, fold several pieces of aluminum foil and cut through them several times. Or you can use extra  fine-grain  sandpaper with the grain side up and cut through several times.
  • Store scissors and shears in a different drawer away from other kitchen wares like metal, ceramic and glass. If you need to put them in the same drawer, wrap them in a clean towel before putting them away.
  • Many scissors and shears come in a protective box, pouch or plastic sheath. Save and use it to store scissors and protect them.
  • You can hang them on a magnetic board or strips to protect them from scratching and banging against other things inside your kitchen drawer.

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