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To keep your knife clean while in use, rinse off  with hot running water as needed and wipe dry. This is done to keep food particles from sticking which might affect its efficiency.  Also, rinsing will avoid flavor contamination especially when you are cutting several food items.Cut food using a rocking or sliding motion to minimize damage on the blade. To protect further the blade from damage, always use a wooden or plastic cutting board. You need to avoid acrylic, granite, glass, ceramic or marble surfaces and don’t use your countertop. Transfer or scrape off  food from the board by using the spine not the blade.


Ideally, you should hone your knife the proper way before use.  Honing does not actually make your knife sharp, instead it maintains the sharp edges of the blade. So before slicing a piece of ham, give your knife a quick hone first.  When you hone, you remove the nicks and calibrate the angle of the blade which makes the knife work better. In addition to regular honing, you need to sharpen the knife every 6 to 18 months depending on the frequency you use it. To determine whether it needs sharpening, try it on the onion skin. If it will just slide right off it’s time to visit a professional. You can have it sharpened for a minimal amount and the expert knows how to angle and sharpen the edge with precision.


Hand wash the knife in warm water and soap with the blade away from you.  Wash separately and never soak it in the sink. Avoid using the dishwasher, your knife can get banged and warped. Wipe dry with a clean towel from the dull side to the sharp edge and include the handle as well. Don’t let it air dry to avoid rust formation.


Before storing your knife, apply a thin film of food grade mineral oil using a soft cloth. Oil your knife from the dull side to the blade until the entire surface is covered. Mineral oil prevents oxidation and corrosion of stainless steel when exposed to high moisture in the air.


Store your knife in a dry place. Don’t mix with other utensils in a drawer where it can be scratched and dented from being jostled around. Hang your knife on a magnetic board or strips to protect it and maximize kitchen space. Otherwise, use a protective block or plastic guard and lay it flat inside the drawer.

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